Motorcycle Insurance

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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycles are a practical and sensible option for the daily commute in the cities as they are more fuel efficient than cars and cheaper to maintain as well. With fuel prices soaring to unprecedented levels, many are going for motorcycles as an affordable option. However, motorcycles also need to be insured, just like any other vehicle on the road, and Insurance-Today.Net helps you find the best coverage in the market.

Although motorcycles are much more affordable, there is one expense that is common to both, cars and motorcycles and that is insurance. Since motorcycles have to follow the same rules and regulations as any vehicle on the road, insurance is also a mandatory requirement in most states. If you live in a state in which motorcycle insurance is not obligatory, it is advisable to purchase it for protection from theft or accident.

Vehicles Qualifying as Motorcycles

For insurance purposes, each insurer has different definitions for vehicles qualifying as a motorcycle. All the reputed insurance companies however categorize motor scooters, factory-made motorcycles, two wheelers, three wheelers, mini bikes and trail bikes as motorcycles. Off-road vehicles such as dune buggies and ATV’s fall in a different category and require a different kind of insurance.

Insurance Options

Every insurance provider has a list of coverage options for motorcycles. You must select the options that are suitable for you. However, there are some standard coverage options that all providers offer. These are attached sidecar coverage, bodily injury coverage, coverage for injury to others or property damage caused by you, damage to the motorcycle or any customized work for the vehicle. Ensure that you have insurance coverage for vandalism, theft and fire even if your motorcycle is in storage during the winter months.

Motorcycle Insurance Providers

There was a time when not many providers offered motorcycle insurance. This is no longer true now when almost all the insurance companies offer motorcycle insurance.

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